American Photonics

American Photonics is focused on producing precision infrared optics and coatings in the USA. Whether it is standard or custom optics, APC will work closely with every client to design and produce optics to your specifications.


Fiber Protective Windows

American Photonics keep an extensive inventory of protective windows (Debris Shield windows).
Diameters 5 to 140 mm. Standard materials: Fused Silica, Fused Quartz and N-BK7. Custom materials available upon request. 
High Damage Threshold Coatings are available include: AR, Dual-AR, Triple-AR from 250 to 3000 nm 

Our protective windows provide high performance at a very competitive price.
Protect and safeguard lasers against dust, fume and others pollutant that can contaminate the optics.
American Photonics provide OEM replacement Protective windows with superior quality - more than 30 part numbers available on inventory for fast delivery. 
APC offers laser protective windows (debris shields) in maybe different  diameters Custom sizes available upon request.