K40 Co2 laser head Adaptor & 16mm diameter lens tube with ZnSe focus lens. With or Without Alignment Tool

American Photonics

  • $55.00
  • Save $8

This system offers 1/2" focal point adjustment (up and down).

With the factory bed or the APC bed upgrade you would need the 1.5" focal length lens and nozzle.

Get the Laser Alignment Tool with this product and save 20%!!!

Protect your investment. American Photonics Easy clean lens mount makes daily cleaning a snap. Regularly cleaned lenses last longer and perform better.

Traditional lens mounting where threaded tubes hold your your lens tight work great for glass optics, but are terrible for soft ZnSe. The delicate crystal structure of ZnSe should be suspended by gluing. All the best laser engraving machine manufactures know this. And now American Photonics has brought this technology to your Chinese designed machine.

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