FS42x9.0 - Fiber Protective Window D42 mm x T9.0 mm Broadband AR /AR@1064nm, Pack of 5

FS42x9.0 - Fiber Protective Window D42 mm x T9.0 mm Broadband AR /AR@1064nm, Pack of 5

American Photonics

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Product Description: 

Fiber Window  42mm / 1.65" Dia, 9mm / .354" Thick, for Mazak(R)

Debris Shield - Fused Silica

Comparable with OEM: 

OEM PN: Z50SA015350

Used on the Mazak® MultiFunction Torch found on the Fiber lasers.

Mazak (R)

Size: 42 mm X 9.0 mm 

Size: 42mm X 9.0 PO-PO/AR/AR

Diameter: 42 mm + 0.0 / -0.3 mm

Thickness: 9.0 + / - 0.15mm

Ar/Ar @ 1064 nm

Material: Fused Silica 

APC PN: FS42X9.0

Reference PN: 2899200-100, 632933-117

Pack of 5 units

Protective Windows (debris shield) 

The contamination of the focusing lens is one of the main for poor laser performance and potential down time. The laser cutting head are very sensitive to any type of contamination. American Photonics has the best quality of protective windows to protect the focusing lens against contamination.

Our protective window is a barrier (debris shield) between the lens and the metal sheet. To protect your investment 


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