350163UL - Focus Lens. Dia 1.5" (38.1mm), FL 10" (254mm), ET .291" (7.4mm). ZnSe Meniscus. Suitable to be uses with Trumpf(R) HP

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Product Description:

350163UL - Focus Lens.  Dia 1.5" (38.1mm), FL 10" (254mm), ET .291" (7.4mm).  ZnSe Meniscus. Suitable to be uses with Trumpf(R) HP

Lens Meniscus ZnSe Dia 1.5", (38.1mm) FL 10.", (254mm) ET .291" (7.4mm) 

Lens ZnSe Meniscus Dia 38.1mm, FL 254, ET 7.4mm

OEM PN:#: 350163UL

APC PN#: ZM15100291-HP

NEW APC PN#:LM-38.1-Z-254.0-7.40-ARHP

Reference PN#: 61960ULA

Reference PN#: HG10.179/HU

Reference PN#: TR300-0163 350163, 861143, LMZ1.5-0.29-10.00-2048

MEN ZNSE 1.5" 10.0" .290"

Lens Design: Meniscus

Guaranteed Absorption < 0.13% 

Material:  ZnSe laser grade

Machine Type: TruLaser Series 1000, TruLaser Series 2000/3000 [square cutting head], TruLaser Series 5000 [square cutting head], TruLaser Series 7000 Fiber, TruLaser Series 7000/8000 [square cutting head], TruLaser Tube Series 3000/5000, TruMatic Series 3000/6000

APC replacements parts are approved by many OEMs.

To be used on high powered Co2 Laser cutting machines.

Manufactured by automated CNC technology 100% made in USA.

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