Co2 Laser Alignment Tool For "PERFECT" lens head & mirror alignment ZnSe Si Mo GaAs K40, 16-25mm Click to see Videos!!!

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  • $40.00

For PERFECT lens head and mirror alignment.

Align the 3rd and most critical mirror first.

Align the 3rd mirror to your lens not the Z axis of travel.

The always on red laser makes mirror 3 alignment quicker and safer.

For people new to the process of adjusting the screws on you mirror. The always on red laser can help understand those adjustments quicker.

Please understand using the tool to learn how to make mirror adjustments will probably require extra batteries.

This tool does not replace the scorch method of aligning your 1st mirror. Mirror 2 can be aligned using the scorch method or with this alignment tool. 

This Reverse alignment tool is designed to represent the exact center of the lens at 90 degrees +/- 10 minute perpendicular.

How to select the correct Reverse Laser Aligner.

A problem you might find with your machine with this process.  
After aligning mirror 3 to the X axis. Get it perfect near the front of your machine and then move it to the back.  
If it is no longer perfect your gantry may not be square or level (your floor may not be level) or something is causing the head to move when you move the Y axis to the back. 
This is a 4 corner test that checks the stability of your head and the squareness of your gantery.


Why the 3rd mirror alignment is the most important.

Video on 3rd mirror alignment theory

Reverse Laser Alignment tool video.


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