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Protective Windows:

The contamination of the focusing lens is one of the main for poor laser performance and potential down time. The laser cutting head are very sensitive to any type of contamination. American Photonics has the best protective windows to protect our focusing lens against contamination.

Our protective window is a barrier (debris shield) between the lens and the metal sheet. To protect your investment 


Optical Materials

American Photonics offers a wide variety of spherical and aspherical  lenses made from BK 7, UV grade fused silica, infrared grade  Calcium Fluoride (CaF2), Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2), AMTR and Zinc Selenide materials.

For applications in the visible and infrared up to about 2.1 µm, BK 7 offers excellent performance at a good value. In the ultraviolet down to 195 nm, UV fused silica is a great choice.

UV fused silica also has excellent transmission in the visible and infrared up to about 2.1 µm, better homogeneity, and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than BK 7. CaF2 and MgF2 are excellent choices for deep UV or infrared applications

American Photonics can provide custom solutions for custom applications, design to customer prints and providing solutions based on customer demand and specifications.

UV Grade Fused Silica

UV Grade Fused Silica is synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide of extremely high purity. This non-crystalline, colorless silica glass combines a very low thermal expansion coefficient with good optical qualities, and excellent transmittance in the ultraviolet region down to 195 nm. Transmission and homogeneity exceed those of crystalline quartz without the problems of orientation and temperature instability inherent in the crystalline form. Fused silica is ideally used with high-energy lasers due to its high energy damage threshold. UV fused silica also has excellent transmission in the visible and infrared region up to approximately 2.1 µm, and a low content of inclusions with high refractive index homogeneity. Fused silica is used for both transmissive and reflective optics, especially where high laser damage threshold is required.

BK 7

BK 7 is one of the most common borosilicate crown glasses used for visible and near infrared optics. Its high homogeneity, low bubble and inclusion content, and straightforward manufacturing make it a good choice for transmissive optics. BK7 is also relatively hard and shows good scratch resistance.

The transmission range for BK 7 is 380–2100 nm. It is not recommended for temperature sensitive applications, such as precision mirrors.

N-BK7 transmittance (%) vs. wavelength (nm) with 4% reflection from both sides

N-BK7 transmittance (%) in the UV vs. wavelength (nm) with 4% reflection from both sides